Oh my. A new lease on life, new year, and the weather in Seattle is a spring-like 45 degrees on 1/4.

While great memories of being with family over the holidays shift to the upcoming events that will keep me busy, one topic is constant: where will the dart land on your map this riding season?

I’ll be sticking to North America. End of year may take me abroad. Cuba is out due to work priorities, but tempted to try a catered motorcycle vacation just to see how it goes.

One very possible trip is to U-Haul my cycle to my cousin’s place and finish the intended ride from last year. Alternatively, wiggle down through the never-visited Louisiana and Alabama to my former summer stomping grounds in Florida to attempt to find my former step mom. Hmmm.

I only plan to ride for about two weeks or so; and yes, trailering the bike isn’t my style but a practical option. Oooo. Maybe a train instead? I’ll see what I can find as alternate options.

Have fun planning your options.
Throw safe,