Well, Claudette did it again. She is a great organizer of several Seattle meetup.com rider boards. She comes up with relaxed event and ride ideas every time.

Today, we met at 9:30 at a Park and Ride lot and lazily made our way to the Outback Kangaroo Ranch. Yes, the group got split up for a time due to traffic, but we all made the 12:00 tour to see and pet many critters: alpacas, snapper turtles, leaping lemurs, lamas, baby and adult burros, and the softest and grandest of all were the kangaroos. Other birds and two to four legged critters walked the caged areas of the ranch. A relaxing time, good laughs with a Laos of new riders, and I got to catch up with Claudette.

For lunch, we headed to Rhodes River Ranch. A horse ranch and competition facility with a great restaurant that overlooks the training area. Great and varied topics swam around the table with travel dominating the conversation: Cycling in Scotland, mopedding in Jamaica, Central America, Alaska, and what to do with a flying license once you have it. Such a diverse group of people and talents. Too many to mention.

Check out meetup in your area–the best way to meet up!

Bounce safe!