Much love and many thanks to my dear surrogate sister Melanie for setting up this site, also to Yanee and Phoenix for house sitting.


A year ago, my life was quite different. I asked a man to marry me on Leap Year Day. Bliss turned sour. Now I live in a house that I love but wasn’t expecting to buy. Instead of going to Hawaii I had to move at the end of February. In lieu, and with a very supportive boss, I’m taking this trip.

Riding solo isn’t done often by some. I am certainly not the first to do this, but this is my first long haul ride. Circumstances weren’t right for me to find a group–no time after my move. So I’m working with what I’ve got, and I truly look forward to spending this time alone, and focusing on the present that comes with each ease of the clutch and twist of the throttle.

With a fresh tattoo, I indelibly mark my journey’s start to ride solo for 3500 miles. Seattle, Washington to Flagstaff, Arizona. I’ll watch the weather for snow in the mountain passes, stop to meet colleagues in Salt Lake City, and join dear friends at the Overland Expo–an off road and long distance riding convention.

Unless my cousin can meet me in Albuquerque, I’ll turn north and linger long at The Grand Canyon, avoid Las Vegas at all costs, and head towards San Diego; and then, the winding Californian coast. San Francisco holds two hearts that I must not leave behind. I’ll continue along the Oregon and Washington coasts. In Ilwaco, WA I’ll reach Cape Disappointment and take in a hike. Seattle will come soon enough, so I will return gently to reality by taking the ferry back to the city.

Goals include finding hot springs, the healthiest road food along the way, and finding sites only the natives know. Shoot more pictures than ever before. Get social. Heal my heart.

Riding for me is both freeing and fearful, especially after a hiatus for many months. I’ve ridden thousands of miles in my five years as a cyclist, and still get a rush every time I turn the key. Okay, that wears off after 500 miles or so, but it still gets to me. Good thing, since it keeps my ego in check. The payoffs are the scenes, scents, people and destinations. I’ll take each corner with care, be cautious yet inquisitive; take in a few back roads on the way home, but it’ll be an endurance run to Arizona clocking 350-500 miles a day.

My dad will be watching me from Iowa via the Internet. For 80, he’s pretty modern. Now, I’ll thank the library staff in Alton for helping him to track my trip. He was pretty surprised when I told him about this. I’ll be just fine, Dad. Sit back and enjoy the news. The KOAs and mace have my back. I may not be able to post every day, so check my map and you can find where I am with my Spot satellite tracking device. I kind of feel like a domesticated cougar with an ID chip implanted in my neck!

So…time to get my motor runnin’ and breeze on down the highway.

First Milepost: Seattle to Bainbridge ferry; Shelton; Seaside, OR; I plan to follow State Route 26 via Portland and into Idaho. I reckon I’ll reach Seaside and see if I’ll continue or rest for the night.

Yesterday’s first song during my ride home from work, “Born to be Wild”, Steppen Wolf (not kidding). First song on my headset today, “Beautiful Vision” by Van Morrison and sang by his daughter Shauna.

Thanks for following along.

Ride safe,