Glad to receive the news that indeed my lymph node is full of ink and does not have any malignancies. Metallic particles were found which causes the false positive results on the X-Ray to glow like a calcified malignancy. Here is another case of a 54 year old male who had a false positive when searching for melanoma. Thank you for the story, Sarah.

Thanks to all who were very supportive during my health scare. It’s amazing how many warm individuals exist in my life. You have my gratitude.

Yes, getting tattoos is a personal choice. I’m feeling a bit mixed about the impact my decision to have tattoo work has had on me. However, it can’t be undone, I love the life story that my tattoos tell for me, and a host of learning has been the result. No regrets.

Please tattoo with care, use reputable artists with good inks, be calm and carry on. As ever, love with an abandon.