My stereotactic biopsy was a success. They triangulated the suspect lymph node and got it out completely with one hit.

The discussion that I had with the radiologist was very compelling. Again, she offered for me to not go through with the biopsy and retest in six months. I told her we should review the activities that brought me to her lab.
1. Changes in my mammogram films from the prior year presented increased size of the node.
2. Inconclusive ultrasound biopsy with an urging from the first radiologist to have the second biopsy performed since she felt I had a 50/50 chance of cancer.
3. Although I have tattoos and a team of radiologists concurred that the node was full of ink particles, the size had changed and the referral was urgent, so this wasn’t an elective procedure. I have tattoos on my left breast and back. First one I had inked when I was 17, and the others were added over the last five years.

The radiologist concurred.

4. My emotional strain and well-being to wait six months was worth the low risks to complete a second biopsy so I could have conclusive evidence.

The radiologist concurred again.

With that, I crawled up on the strange biopsy table, we proceeded and within 15 minutes I was numb with lidocaine. I laid more still than in any shavasana yoga pose. Ok. I wiggled my toes as the heat of the injection ran through my tissue.

They were careful and thorough. One shot and the doc knew she had extracted the node in its entirety. The black ball pictured below is full of ink and the red and orange tissue is healthy breast tissue.

My prognosis is good. The doc took pictures of all my tattoos and plans to write a paper. She also plans on sharing it with my first radiologist for education. Tuesday, I will learn the details of the pathology report–by phone only. I made all three of us say it out loud in chorus fashion. 🙂

I’m feeling very positive. I’m grateful for all the support, and much learning will result from my experience.

Please realize that my experience is my own. My body deals with tattoo ink in a traveling way. This does not mean your body acts the same.

Questions? Email me or post a comment here.

Please find reputable tattoo artists. I’d have them all put on again.

Travel safe,

Light area is the lymph node. The cause of my call back for a second mammogram


Perspective of the size of the node to the left breast.


Biopsy table.


Biopsy tissue. Black ball is the lymph node with ink.


Chipper but tired bunny in her gown.