I received three calls from physicians today about my preliminary diagnosis of my suspect lymph node. It’s good. Positive!

I talked at length with my GP about their mammogram reexamination notification protocol and he wants me to have coffee and talk through it with their IT folks. Win! Happy to give a patient’s perspective to avoid future anxiety for others.

I also heard from my current and tomorrow’s radiologists. Here’s what they said. Actually, they tried to dissuade me from going through tomorrow’s biopsy, and wait six months for a recheck. Their reasoning was a bit of a surprise. It seems my tattoo ink has worked its way not only through the skin’s surface, but may have settled into my lymph node and presented abnormally. Particles of ink is what the more seasoned radiologist sees in my films. Intriguing, but not conclusive.

I work and run my life based on facts. Evidence. Conclusive results that point to root cause of a problem. So, I’m going through with the biopsy as planned. Nothing better to put a fearful question to rest than conclusive evidence. I feel this is not a pessimistic view, but a good and calculated approach to ensure I have the facts. If they find ink, then I’ll know!

It puts a whole new light on the reason for my being called back over the last five years. I got my first tattoo at the age if 17 and it needed updating from a unicorn to poppy flowers in honor of my fellow veterans. In retrospect, I don’t know if I would have gotten so much ink, but I do love it my flowers and the symbolism it holds with me.

When riding motorcycles, speed bumps or road obstructions should always be approached at a 90 degree angle so your tires don’t slide out from under you. I think I hit this bump just right and will live to tell the tale.

So, I’m feeling very positive going through tomorrow’s procedure. Expecting a clear result three days after the biopsy is analyzed, and then it’s back to more healthy and fun times ahead.

I may have had a bumpy ride at times, but most often I’m screaming with pure elation! Scream it with me now, “Woohoo!”

Ride safe,