My second breast biopsy is scheduled this Friday. No chance to get in at another radiologist before that day. Keeping positive has been relatively easy as long as I stay busy.

I had another diversion land on my map that’s tugging me hard to the left. My dad announced last night that he’s going in for an aortic stent on Monday. I’m in Seattle and he’s having his procedure in Minneapolis. I’ve been through this with my mom, although she had replacement surgery on her ascending and descending aortas. His procedure is a lot less risky considering it is a less invasive procedure; but gosh, him not telling me about the results two months ago is kind of sad.

Safety first for self is a priority. When you’re faced with a car accident, you best make sure you’re not in harm’s way before you dive in to help. So, I’m keeping my appointment for Friday, delaying my baseline colonoscopy on Monday, and will wait for biopsy results before I book a ticket to anywhere. It’s necessary to be practical.

Although I’m still shaking my head in disbelief, I respect my dad’s wish to go it alone. The irony of parallel circumstances almost seems fitting: my strength emanates from somewhere, and now I have proof that I’m a hell of a lot more like Dad than I cared to admit.

On the other hand, being a martyr isn’t necessary when you have family. My mantra is that you don’t have to do heavy things alone. I may tweak that a bit and say that truly, health challenges are a solo effort; but, the power of solid human connections are what makes me and a whole lot of folks tick. Guess I’m still figuring this out.

Tonight’s diversion is yet another concert. A solid friend and I will nosh well, connect well, and enjoy the bond we’ve created. What a beautiful gift.

Leaving you with a solid tune from the Tedeschi Trucks Band, “Learn How to Love”. I’m learning every day that it comes in many shapes, sizes and levels.

Love all you can. Go the distance when possible.