I learned about Wanderlust, a yoga and lifestyle convention, from Seattle’s Stranger online magazine. I was looking for local festivals in Seattle, but being a yogi and that the destination was in Whistler, BC, I treated myself to a weekend trip.

The goal was to grab hold of a printed version of my novel, walk Whistler’s fine ski village, learn some new ideas, and get my ass kicked along with 100 other yogis. I got that and a few more enlightening memories than I could imagine.

The quotient of yoga gear and Lycra was high in the ski-cum-tourist village, but beat out by mountain bicyclists with off-road helmets and their bad ‘sneak up behind you and make you jump’ manners. Quite a fit and attractive crowd.

Carrying around a yoga matt compelled fellow hotel residence to ask me what was going on. I explained plainly about the convention (wonder what they’ll say while carrying my matt back to the cycle), and I asked about their plans for their stays. Most were Canadians celebrating a Civic Holiday that has different names by Provence. “A weekend bender.” one man said with his grocery sack full of booze and cheeky smile.

The festival organizers were very thoughtful about the talent they hired: Music by Quixotic, Moby, and the talented Trombone Shorty have a world music flare and attracted a diverse group of listeners. Very good single artists were sprinkled around the village, and complete with hula hoops, jewelry and flowered garland making stations, and lounging cushions and hammocks.

My yoga session with Seane Corn was the yogi highlight. A genuine and open instructor who I did not know until a matt mate, a gentle young woman named Misty from Tennessee, said she drove all this way to learn from Seane. I’ll look her history up another day, but it was a challenging Vinyasa flow that had the youngest shaking midway through. I sustained my poses, but weakened towards the end. I nailed plank every single time (slow and steady push up), and my left side poses actually gained in strength as the practice/class progressed.

Although the yoga practice was similar to what I’ve performed at Home Yoga in Seattle, the energy, sweat, singing and pose dancing to Canadian 80s Rock hits was new and refreshing. The messages of letting go of tension and fear was Seane’s message. The power of thoughtful words while in an intense and long-standing pose made me sweat but also made me tear up involuntarily. As instructed but also being open, I let it all go. Now I’ll be better equipped to do that in future. It’s a choice to be tense or hang on to unmet expectations, no?

My plan to dine at the top of the mountain was hindered by thunderstorms. I didn’t mind, for after an introductory meditation class, I was quite ready to read my book and edit her.

I went to the hotel pub and ate dinner, and soaked in two chapters that made me laugh. I was amazed at the range of emotions I had experienced today. All very positive and freeing.

Back to the room, I’ve read more of my book and feel pretty proud of my progress. In future, I’ll write about how the project started. In all, I promised myself to finish it for myself, and to take at least one weekend like this to reengage this work and my creative side.

I’m a peaceful little bunny right now. The experience has been fruitful. I am very lucky to have done something like this for myself. I don’t regret that I should have done it sooner, for it happened when it did.

Riding different twisties with ease.