A week ago, I hosted a gent from the sleepy town of Salisbury, England. Ollie has been on the road for 6 months. His story is found here. He’s a brand new rider, and for his first trip he decided to run from South America to the tip of Alaska; and, he chose to help raise funds for wounded warrior vets. Very impressive.

As I opened my door, this textiled clad, tossled blond lad had a welcoming smile and a firm handshake. Not long after the nickel tour of my house, he offered to check my bike’s chain while sorting out his own. He’s definitely eager and genuine to help.

The next few days were busy: a city walk with my friend Deb; Ollie visited his benefactor at Fisher House in Seattle; a surprise party for a dear friend and motorcycling brother with 13 of 18 who also ride (5 are long-distance veterans); I stitched up some of his gear; a grand round ride to Winthrop, WA. Then a late night snack including cheese and Bovril on toast. All fun. All cycles. All weekend.

Meeting a soul like Ollie took years off my mind. I realize when I was his age that I was in the Army Reserves taking meaningful trips to Central America. Once you see the world at that age, its hard to not be more appreciative of how you treat others and see the world with a lot more tolerance and less fear.

I’m very proud of Ollie’s achievements to date. He has Alaska yet to ride, and I can’t wait to hear his reaction to the roads–hoping more of the roads from two years ago to Prudhoe Bay, AK are now paved, and have less predatory wolves.

Thanks for staying, Ollie. Come back any time. I’m looking forward to your future Odysseys.

With a cuppa tea in hand,