Today marks nearly a month since I departed on my trip to Arizona. More great times with amazing souls, and tests of physical, emotional, and motorcycle skills than I could have ever imagined.

Today, I’ve finally cleaned out my panniers. Yes, the inside is more clean than the outside. What took so long? I rode 3-400 miles with friends the Saturday after I returned to go meet Tad and Gaila to bring them home after their year+ Moto trip. Then work got busy. Okay, and then yesterday I rode another 150-200 miles to benefit service veterans.

The table of stuff before me is the last dregs of my panniers, roll pack, pockets, and tank bag. Electronics, half squished cookies and power bars, Wild Rose after tattoo care balm (sold by Damask Tattoo), and my secret weapon: Lust, fragrance by Lush Cosmetics. Also, the odd map, souvenir post cards I didn’t send to Dad. But the best item? A broken ceramic squirrel that was an Ice Cave gift shop casualty. Whoops!

With all my gear clean, I’m tempted to get the bike checked, relubed, and head back out to California to finish the leg I chose not to take. But then, responsibility seeps in: mortgage and bills; cats that cling to me for a while after a long trip; an open house party I’ve been excited to throw, and feeling planted while sleeping in my luxury bed.

Comforts of home are very important for a gal like me who has been very transient over the last 7-8 years. So, although I’m very grateful for the trip, and I’m about to hang my world map and throw a few darts at it to pick next summer’s destination, I am glad to be home.

I’m not done with my trip blog. With the lack of service by the now loathed AT&T service, I have several posts that need editing and pictures. Plus! I still have the whole summer left to ride.

Next trip may be Hells Canyon in July. Camping with friends on Orcas Island, and hopefully a wiggle along Hwys 2 and 20 to visit Leavenworth for a German schnitzel.

Thanks for continuing to read my story. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Unpack carefully!