Haven’t you ridden enough?

How do I learn about all these rides?
Meetup.com and Facebook.

Why this ride?
It benefits returning veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Don’t you have to have a Harley and Service patches to join?

Yes, I wore leather to ride my dual sport bike and was the only one with panniers. My cruiser needs tabs, spark plugs and some gas.

I had signed up before my trip to Arizona. I was tired of canceling late to events, so I kept my promise.

My great friend Deanna joined me, and we had a ball. She has an HD and fit in great. Me? Not so much, but that’s quite okay. I ride what’s working and comfortable.

This was the best group ride I had ever been on. Approximately 300 bikes, including gangs like Combat Vets Association, American Legion Riders, and even the Hombres. Proud to ride for a good cause, and with people who give back to their community.

The raffle at the end of the ride was huge. Great prizes and close to 2k was raised. Angel of the Winds casino hosted a slot tournament, gave discount tickets and $5 in gambling money. I won 4th place and was given a $25 gift certificate to their cafe. More than I could expect.
As the numbers were read off, a gent standing by kept winning. D and I of course befriended him and watched him win more. He gave us both tickets and I picked up the 5-pack of yoga classes that the other riders teased each other to take as a prize. I waved the certificate high and said, “Yoga baby! Namaste bitches!” Good fun, all laughs, no threats. Just the way it should be.

Our lucky friend was handed our cards and we got him rolled into the fold. He was able to join us for our ride to Winthrop the next weekend.

I love this community. As rough as some of us may look, we’re very community conscious. I think everyone can relate to doing good for others.

So, the next time you see a huge group on the road, stop them at the gas station and ask them what cause they’re riding for. I bet you’ll learn about a new non-profit organization that maybe you’ll be inspired to help.

Wearing leather to help others. As it should be.