In a prior post, I mentioned that I would take items from my former relationship and find new homes for them. To minimize on baggage, I elected to take a series of US state charms that I received and leave them behind in the named state.

Oregon: Given to the front desk clerk, Lori, a mother and fan of charms. We shook hands and it felt good that someone would enjoy it.

Idaho: Due to the short time I spent there and only two stops in gas stations, I elected to leave the Idaho potato on the top of the car.

Utah: Giving this charm to my host and colleague, Bart. Great guy with charm. Well deserved.

Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico: given to Tad’s amazing aunt and uncle while in Prescott, AZ.

Although I came home with a few charms, I’m going to mail the rest to friends soon. A full smudging ceremony was performed over a handful if sage to reclaim their sparkle. Like I’d hand out bad luck charms!

Update as of 8/11/2013: I still kept the charms in my tank bag in hopes of meeting either a little girl who liked charms or someone from the corresponding state. I threw the last eight away in a dumpster while on a Moto trip. Sometimes, you just have to shed the past in simple ways to move forward and let go of poetic sentimentalities.

Onward and upward!