Slabbing it, as we Moto peeps call sticking to the highways, can be a rough way to travel. Tons of dirt, traffic, semis with their wind vortexes that shuttle you upon meeting or passing on the road.

Today was different. From Boise, ID, I84 to Oregon; then Washington’s I82. Full of canyons, loose-curled twisties, lofty and rain threatening clouds, but a ever-present sunspot shone on my back to keep me warm.

Moving west guarantees strong headwinds. I feel like a little cougar flag flapping in the wind. I just gnash on gum, see a focus point far ahead, and then pass convoys of semis with my throttle fully open.

My rear end hurts like I’ve climbed Mt. Tiger twice in a day. Ok. Three times. But I’m ready to go after a half hour rest.

My focus is to make it home before sunset.

This trip has been amazing. Thanks to Gaila and Tad, Bart and the gang at work. Also to those of you keeping a watchful eye on my progress.

My apologies to those I didn’t visit. I had to ride where the wind took me. I’ll fly using my air mile points that I’ll get from paying for my furnace.

More pictures and stories to come. I meet up with T&G and the band of Moto peeps to ride them back into town on Saturday. That’s the kind of community I circulate in.

Proud to ride. Maybe not the strongest or fastest rider, but my long game is solid and RoadWorthy.

Rubber side down, smiles up.