Time. The reality of time’s power and how it drives us all in different ways is very evident to me. Somewhere along the way I forgot that. Thing is, I have to return to work, kitties, my reality. My dear friends are shooting to get home June 2, but via Yellowstone. I would absolutely love to linger and join them. It has been an incredible week spending time with them. I feel truly fortunate to see them–pure gifts they are, and to see how they live on the road.

But I want to retain my job, and our schedule was thankfully thrown off so we could camp in Zion. Can’t catch all the parks in order in one trip.

So, I’m off to make some miles, head towards Salt Lake, find a hotel so I can tap into work since the network on my phone is faulty at best; and then hope I can see Tad and Gaila at the Bonneville Salt Flats by Saturday.

Boss, I’m not going to be in on Tuesday as I first figured, but I am spending my time wisely.