Excited? Hell yes. But yesterday, my cycle started to stall out. Low idle and under 2000 RPM. Not happy considering I just paid for full service and they found nothing wrong.

I read online that this is usually due to bad battery connection. I lifted the seat to find dried on calcium carbonate stains and a loose cable.

Fired up Pearl and she idled fine. Still going to bring her back into Ride West. I’ll be first in line tomorrow.

Update, 5/8/2013.

Looks like my bike’s computer sensors needed recalibration to resolve the stalling. I pick up Pearl tomorrow! Looks like I’ll leave as scheduled!

News at 10.

Update, 5/9/2013.

Guys at Ride West hooked me up. The actuators needed to be reset and another battery check. Pearl idled at 2k RPM upon first start but tempered to 1500 after I put her in gear.

She’s ready to roll again. Packing time!