Yes, tools are important for all motorcyclists. I have quite a collection, and the stock Cruz Tools set that I bought from Touratech doesn’t hold the set. Things spill out, makes you worried you left critical wrenches at home, only to learn your star key wrench is wrapped up in your knickers at the bottom of the pannier. Oh my yes, it has happened to me.

Being the sewing goddess that I am, and with plenty of Denier 1000-2000 weight fabric, I added a simple flap.

Here’s the bag before I sized it up:


Cruz Tool Bag

Here are the tools I need to carry (note the most needed have electrical tape around them):


Tool set with frequently used items wrapped in electrical tape.

Measured flap, used Denier 2000 remnants:


Upgrade complete!

Here’s the bag closed up. Mighty good fit!


The flap fold test worked. Now to roll up the kit and tie it off.

There it is. If you want more details on how I pulled this off in 20 minutes, leave a message below.

Sewing, it’s not just for quilts anymore.